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Navigating the Nervous System: An Embodied Path to Wellbeing

This class is taught by:
Navigating the Nervous System: An Embodied Path to Wellbeing with Deb Dana and Melanie Burns   $197 
Friday Sept 14th 6-8PM,
Sat Sept 15th 11:30 -8PM,  (break from 3-4)
Sun Sept 16th 11:30 -6:00 (break from 3-4)

We come into the world wired for connection. With our first breath we embark on a lifelong quest to feel safe in our bodies, our environments, and in relationship with others. The autonomic nervous system, our embodied surveillance system, directs this process responding to sensations in our body and signals from the world around us. The way they move through the world—turning toward, backing away, sometimes connecting and other times isolating—is guided by this system.

Our physiology is at the heart of how we experience daily living. Polyvagal Theory, developed by renowned neuroscience researcher Stephen Porges, outlines the ways our bodies respond to both the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of life. Following the principles of Polyvagal Theory we have a roadmap to shape our nervous systems for physical and emotional wellbeing.

In this Weekend of Wellbeing we will first learn the language of the autonomic nervous system and then move into exploration of embodied practices to gently shape the system. Using autonomic mapping exercises and experiments with movement, posture, breath, sound, we will explore:

• How Experience Creates Patterns of Protection and Connection
• What Makes the Human Vagus So Remarkable?
• How the Nervous System Reacts to Another Person’s Voice
• Why the Face Is the Portal to a Person’s Internal State
• How to Use the Power of the Social Engagement System to Create Nourishing Connections
• The Important Physiological Component of Intuition
• How Personal Narratives Originate in the Body
• How Psychoeducation Paves the Way for Transforming the Brain

Join Deb and Melanie and a group of twenty-four people for a weekend of befriending the nervous system and nourishing connections with others. Return to your everyday life with a deeper awareness of how you navigate the world and practices that support wellbeing.