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Claire Enterline

Within both powerful flow classes and gentle yoga, Claire leads her students within their personal practice. Her classes guide students to express their mindfulness in class and extend the qualities of their yoga into their lives. Claire is a Registered 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher who received her training from Melanie Burns at Wicked Good Yoga in Wiscasset, Maine. She brings experience of over 15 years of practice in multiple styles including Baptiste, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative. Claire began practicing with her family in Dayton, OH under the guidance of Shari Bowman. Claire is grateful to have attended multiple yoga intensives and workshops including the Yoga Journal Boston Conference, the Northwest Yoga Conference in Seattle, WA, and Kripalu retreats in Stockbridge, MA.

Claire Enterline instructs the following:
  • YIN Yoga
  • Yin yoga is the yoga of the subtle body--it aims to increase flexibility and improve circulation in and lubrication of the joints. As an important balancing element to your vinyasa (yang) practice, in this class you will experience asana practice as a different kind of challenge, holding static poses three to five minutes at a time to allow the muscles to release and the poses to reach into the fascia, tendons and ligaments. You will find your edge in a whole new way, releasing deeply to find your pose and then accept the challenge of going inward to find deep stillness in your physical body and mind as you hold the pose for an extended time, followed by gentle release. Yin yoga cultivates ch'i, or "life force" as the connective tissue we focus on is directly connected to the meridians (the channels in the body through which life force flows). This quiet practice and the awakening of ch'i offer many benefits to health including greater emotional well-being, organ health and improved immune system function. Yin yoga is especially good preparation for meditation and is suitable for all levels of practice. The studio will be comfortably warm but not hot (@70' degrees) to support the release of muscular tension and ease the body into deep shifts. Please wear layers to allow for changes in body temperature.