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Ben Carroll

Ben Carroll instructs the following:
  • Sound Healing Journeywork
  • Experience Sound Healing Journeywork with Master Musician & Sound Healer Ben Carroll.
    Sound Healing Journeywork workshops last about 2 hours. These workshops always include an extended sound journey (sometimes called a sound bath) which lasts approximately 75-90 minutes. Share a sense of community and connection as you share this experience with others. We start with introductions, after I share a bit about my story we go around the room and everyone gets a chance to share a few short words about themselves. After introductions we set an intention, do a bit of group toning to activate the energy of the group, and then move into the sound journey portion of the event. There is time for sharing experiences and asking questions at the end.

    Intentions are generally designed to help one regain proper resonance between the physical & energetic body, and the Earth & the Universe....you could call it a tuning for the body, mind and soul.

    Registration for the event is $35.00 pre-registration online or $40.00 at the door on event night.