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A Reflection on the 40 days Program By Susan Leclair

 April/May 2013


Inside Out 


Inside out isn't always what we expect. Think about clothes coming out of the dryer, having to get dressed hastily and getting all caught up in your sleeves, packing provisions for the day ahead while dropping every single item because we are rushing.   

As we "mature" we  learn  strategies to avoid such frustrations. We can get ready the night before, we can adjust wardrobes  in full light and set things right-side-to as my mother used to say. We  can get up a little earlier than the rest of the house so as to get just a few moments of stillness and peace.  We CAN , but do we readily? Without just cause?

40 days was that  cause for me.  A call to question, come into full, light, find time for peace and prepare the mind for the day . It was a journey that asked for deep listening, active reflection and daily stretching.  At  times, it felt like taking a group walk and being the one with small stones in her shoes -awkward, imbalanced while experiencing subtle   awakening.

40 days  gave me opportunity to straighten up and into my life in improved  alignment. I learned that overpacking days and schedules was much like how I treat the top drawer in the kitchen. Stuffed right tight but best to close before it collapses or explodes! It's the perfect metaphor for how many busy adults live . We take on too much responsibility while lessening moments of pause, play and joy all while priding ourselves in becoming  efficiency experts.  After all, billable hours are the most profitable hours, right? 

But then there's your life on the planet. 40 days turned the modern digital frenzied adult life paradigm inside out. It encourages pause. In the end, it teaches that living a life from the inside out IS perfect. Find truth and live that truth.  The heart working in concert with the body and mind IS the truth in  perfect human health. Yogic practice allows that reminder experience. Every practice new, refreshing, enlightening and sometimes especially surprising. 

My 40 days reminded me that it takes a few leaps of faith, lots of yoga and a supportive community to live inside out. I had all of that to support me while I learned to lean in and occasionally on my yoga community.  I have learned that inside out is really right-side-to as my mom used to say.