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Taking Time to Heal

 April/May 2013
63As we work through the layers of recent events, my feeling is that individually we take an energetic hit when tragedies happen, when we lose love, like a punch in the gut, or more accurately to your lower ribs, your solar plexus, your seat of power. Many of us literally "feel sick to our stomach." We cannot stomach what has happened, and it may take some time to be able to feel differently, to feel our feet firmly on the ground again. We may need to be reminded to take time to heal as waves of sadness begin to emerge, and in order to heal we may need permission to feel.  Finding movement, finding stillness, and finding expression for things that there are no words for is sometimes the best form of self care. When we do this, it is similar to putting your oxygen mask on first so you can then be present enough to make it available for your loved ones. 
I love the African proverb, "When you pray, move your feet." It reminds me that our intention as we practice yoga is, as you "move your feet" and breathe deeply, you change the way energy flows through your body, creating some space for you to feel what is real, underneath the noise, underneath your skin, feeling your hands and feet on your mat, slowing your mind down enough to hear and feel your body breathing, and feel your life force move through you. As you move and sweat, rinsing out the weight on your shoulders, wringing out some of the anger and restlessness, putting some space between who you are and the energy of what has happened, you can then enter into the moment you are in cleanly, without the static. Letting yourself be with what comes up, whatever it is and however you feel it so you can find your feet, find your breath, remember who you are in the deepest way, and still allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling, find a way to take your own power back by reconnecting to your source, to your essential nature, to the divine within you. We are so grateful and honored to hold this space for you, the warriors of the light, for your full body prayer, and for all that you hold in your heart. Our deepest wish is that you take time for self care, whether it is yoga, time in nature, time in stillness, or whatever provides healing for you.
Celebration of Community
Thank you to everyone who came to our fundraiser for Jeff Bauman - we donated $500 to the Bucks for Bauman fund. This was a powerful class with live music and a whole lot of love and light in full body prayer. We are so grateful.
We also thank everyone who came out for the Family Yoga classes, the Lululemon trunk show, and to the recent Creating Sacred Space workshop.  We are acknowledge all who practice here and also to our wonderful teachers who continue to study and expand their teaching skills. Philip Payson is attending Yoga behind Bars to teach Yoga in prisons, and Murielle Corwin is studying Yoga Nidra with pioneer Jennifer Reis. Melanie just completed studies with Jacqui Bonwell, inspired to incorporate energetic alignment and chakra clearing into the vinyasa practice! Here are a few things happening in the studio April and May. Hope you join us!
30 Day Challenge
Light a fire under your intention to get on your mat with this 30 day Challenge April 8th - May 8th. Come to as many classes as you can and be eligible to win a 3 day pass to the Maine Yoga Festival, a Monthly Unlimited Pass, or a Free Massage!
April 28th 2-4, 4-6
Murielle Corwin leads two empowering workshops: Advance Your Postures 2:00-4:00 and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra 4:00-6:00. The perfect way to spend your Sunday!
64Partner Yoga Saturday May 11th 4-6
A wonderful treat for Mother's Day weekend - Hoa Tran and Kevin Wicks are back with this exciting workshop on Partner Yoga!  Register online in advance. $25
Show your Love
Please welcome Alexis McCoy, who will be teaching the 12-1 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Alexis completed the Boston Marathon in time to reach safety. She is teaching her first class since then on Tuesday April 23rd.  Please come to class and show your love and support.


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